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If you’re looking for expert reviews of newly started casinos, then you’re at the right place. Newly Casino is a casino comparison site that reviews new casinos.

We take a good hard look at the newest casino that you were curious about and tell you, in clear words whether it is legit or not. But have you wondered why so many new casinos have come up in recent years?

As You Know…

Online casinos have been around since the start of the internet age, but it’s only now that they have become such a mass phenomenon. Tens of millions of people from across the globe play at these casinos.

While making some extra money is the main motivation, what gets them to stick around is that casino games are always fun and interesting and a great way to spend your free time.

The online casino industry is booming because of all the newfound interest. There are literally thousands of online casinos out there. “Online casinos” is one of the most searched keyword on Google. Some online casinos, especially the established ones, have an annual turnover in tens of millions. 

That is why we have so many newly started casinos entering the industry. You’ve probably played at one of those new casinos yourself. The main issue with playing at a new casino is you don’t know if it’s legit or not. What if it is nothing more than a scam?

That is why…

You need guidance from experts in the casino industry. We have been involved in the casino industry for almost a decade and a half now. We have been involved as players, critics and promoters of online casinos in the past.

As insiders in the casino industry, we get a ringside view of this business and know instinctively when something’s not quite right.

So you can trust us to help you navigate through the complex maze of the online casino industry.

We have reviewed (or shall review) hundreds of newly started casinos on this site. We have played at these casinos ourselves, talked to the management and staff, and interacted with the players at these casinos.

We take a good hard look at the features, bonuses, slots and games, free spins and more of the newest casino and tell you if you’ve got a good deal or not.

Specifically…we take a good hard look at the following features of new casinos.

Games and Slots

We review the different games and slots at the new casino of your choice. We tell you how good they are, what’s different about them and whether they are worth your time or not.

Bonuses and Free Spins

We take a good hard look at the various casino bonuses and free spins and more. We tell you which new casino offers the best deposit bonus, which gives you the most number of free spins and which gives you the best payouts.

 Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

We examine the range of payment methods available at the newly started casinos. A number of casinos, especially the new ones, accept deposits and withdrawals in the form of Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and other cryptocurrencies.

This is in addition to the traditional methods such as credit card, debit card, internet banking and digital wallets. We check the payment methods at these new casinos and tell you whether they are trustworthy or not. 

Check out the reviews of newly started casinos on this site. If there is any particular new casino that you would like us to review, just shoot a message at us.